Chronic Pain

Treatment for Chronic Pain: Heidi uses 2 main hands-on approaches to work with clients who are suffering from chronic pain. One of the most effective treatments for pain management that Heidi uses is called Matrix Repatterning. This method of treatment identifies the root underlying causes of chronic pain, which are related to the restrictions in the fascia from various injuries that the client has sustained over time. Fascial restrictions create strain patterns that affect the body and cause pain. Another common treatment approach that Heidi uses is Microcurrent Point Stimulation. Heidi provides hands on treatment using a small handheld device called a Dolphin Neurostim to stimulate acupuncture points for a variety of different conditions. If clients are interested in purchasing their own Dolphin Neurostim device, Heidi is able to provide training to clients about how to use this device to self treat to help manage chronic pain at home.   

Back Pain


Education Provided: Heidi provides education to clients in regards to Pain Science and suggestions for pain management strategies and mindfulness techniques to deal with chronic pain. Clients also learn how to pace and plan their participation in activities and how to modify things to help with their functional engagement.



Heidi helps clients who are suffering from headaches, which are often related to post-concussion syndrome by engaging them in treatment specifically designed to release tension between the cranial bones. 

Two of the main approaches Heidi uses to treat clients suffering from headaches