I provide treatment and solutions to help you to live your best life through finding the root causes of your concerns!

Taking a Holistic View of your unique situation and providing you with treatment, tools, and strategies to empower you to feel better physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally!

Hi! I’m Heidi McLarty! As a Holistic Occupational Therapist, I am passionate about working with you to figure out how to achieve the biggest positive impact in your life. I pride myself on digging deep into the foundation of what’s going on in your body to figure out how best I can help you achieve your health goals! I have spent many thousands of hours learning multiple techniques and skills, which are shown to create lasting positive changes. Using my diverse skill set and background, I think outside the box to creatively find solutions to your challenges with you. I value your input as part of the process and I’m looking forward to walking alongside you, every step of the way!

Potential & Possibilities Holistic Occupational Therapy was created by Heidi McLarty an occupational therapist in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Heidi helps a variety of clients suffering from Work Injuries, and Long term disabilities. She provides Concussion Treatment, Trauma treatment, as well as treatment to help with Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Problems with Sleep, and Headaches. Heidi treats Veterans, injured workers who are off work on WSIB or Long Term Disability (LTD) as well as private paying clients. Self-Referrals are accepted.

What's weighing you down?

Amanda SpeerAmanda Speer
01:38 12 Jan 24
I have seen many different practitioners over the years. I have never experienced anything that has had such noticeable results and immediate results. It’s been over three months since my matrix repatterning sessions. I have felt changes where previously I had constant pain from my surgery that I no longer experience at the level I was. It was a dramatic shift.I saw Heidi at a time when I was feeling like my whole nervous system was flaring up. Even my first visit I felt a difference for the better. I highly recommend Heidi’s services and have already to many friends and family.
20:33 10 Jan 24
My experience with Heidi has been great! I went in too see her pretty beat up and came out feeling 100% I have been to chiropractors my whole life and have not felt 100% what Heidi does is great!!!
Natalie RicherNatalie Richer
12:14 08 Jan 24
Heidi was able to in short time figure out the source of my pain and help me get relief using a gentle approach. Thank you for your magic hands!
Elizabeth DaviesElizabeth Davies
19:35 07 Jan 24
Noticeable results in the first session. While seeking Matrix repatterning treatment for a different issue from Heidi, she found another injury that had been bothering me for years. She treated that injury and I have been pain-free since. I now have full use of my shoulder again for repetitive activities, which I was unable to perform for years. She also treated a wrist sprain which lead to lessened pain and possible quicker healing. I recommend anyone with chronic pain try a session or two and see the difference it provides.
Sarah M.Sarah M.
19:17 05 Jan 24
Craig TaylorCraig Taylor
15:49 05 Jan 24
This is a great place. Heidi gets to the root of the problem, and you feel mobile and strong. Definitely would go back. Hopefully not too soon, because that would mean I hurt myself again. Lol