Many people feel anxiety in their body in their day to day lives as they worry about something that happened in the past or is going to happen in the future. The root cause of anxiety may be due to various factors and it’s important to find out more information about onset of a person’s anxiety and how and when it occurs. Based on discussion and further assessment, I am able to determine what the best approach to dealing with anxiety is for each person. The following are options of what I typically will use to help empower people to take control of their lives and their anxiety so it no longer controls them.

Using a Polyvagal Theory perspective:

Did you know that there is a special nerve in our head that is called the Vagus Nerve and has an important part to play in helping us to stay calm and relaxed?

Did you know that different traumas we experience cause our bodies to be in a chronically stressed state?

I use this approach to guide my practice to determine how a person’s body is functioning and empower them using the following techniques:

  • Identify more information about stressful triggers and determine what the person finds safe.
  • Teach body-based tools and strategies to calm the body (nervous system).
  • Teach mindfulness of the body and stress responses and how to support oneself.
  • Engage in community exposure therapy (if warranted) to assist with integration of these concepts into practice in natural environments the person wants to access more easily