Auricular Chromotherapy (ACT)

Did you know that our ears are known as a microsystem?

This means that our whole body map is on our ear and we can access different parts of the body through stimulation of our ear.

This method uses different colours of LED light (yellow, blue and green) to provide input to the ear while a person thinks of an emotion or a memory which has some elevated charge.

Auricular Chromotherapy is an innovative treatment approach that can help to shift your feelings and blockages related to trauma in a relatively straight-forward way.

The technique was developed by Doctors Daniel Asis and Frederico Zarragoicoechea, along with contributions from Dr. Jorge Boucinhas and Dr. Rafäel Nogier. Auricular Chromotherapy is used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression associated with emotional trauma.

It involves the application of different colours of LED lights to specific regions of the ear during the recall of an emotionally charged or traumatic event. The technique is non-invasive and does not require the client to share any details of the event during the session.

The client also does not need to dwell on the trauma and the protocol is completed over a short period of time. The protocol divides the traumatic memory into 3 parts, a visual memory, physical memory and somatosensory memory. Each is addressed separately.

During the first stage it is only necessary that client be able to recall and focus on a visual image associated with the event, for a few seconds and the light is shone on the ear. The client will next be asked to focus on the physical sensation they feel in their body that are associated with the memory (tightness in the shoulders, chest, nausea, holding their breath, etc.).

Each individual’s experience of this technique is unique, and most report feeling lighter” and “freer”, or “more empowered” and “in control” after a session.  It is also common for this technique to trigger changes in posture, body alignment, muscle tension and even sleep patterns, making auricula chromotherapy an amazing treatment addition to assist with shifting in many areas.

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