Energy Treatment

What does Energy have to do with it?

Our bodies are made up of energy and we have a bio-magnetic field surrounding us as well as various energy components which act as energy pathways such as meridians and key energy points such as acupoints. We also have 7 energy centres called Chakras. When we experience chronic stress or some sort of trauma, our energy field and systems can be “thrown off” and imbalances can be created.

The Chakras in the Body

Chakras are considered to be organizing centres for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies. There are 7 commonly known Chakras in the human body, which act as core centers and form the coordinating network in our mind/body system. The Chakras are invisible energy centres located in certain parts of the body and they should spin in a clockwise direction. The Chakras can be opened or closed, over or under active. There are various techniques that can be used to affect the body’s energy system in a positive way to help balance energy.

Chakra one: Located at the base of the spine. Associated with Survival.

Chakra two: Located in the lower abdomen. Associated with Emotions & Sexuality.

Chakra three: Located in the solar plexus. Associated with Personal power, Will & Self-esteem.

Chakra four: Located over the sternum. Associated with Love.

Chakra five: Located in the throat. Associated with Communication & Creativity. 

Chakra six: Located in the center of the forehead. Associated with Clairvoyance, Intuition & Imagination. 

Chakra seven: Located at the top of the head. Associated with Knowledge, Understanding & Transcendent Consciousness.


Heidi can perform an assessment of chakra function and can perform some hands-on energy-based techniques to help the Chakras function more optimally. After treatment, Heidi will do a re-assessment of chakra function to compare to the pre-assessment results. Clients often report feeling more relaxed and/or more energized after the treatment.

Heidi has training in various energy-based treatments such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.