Biofield Tuning

Did you know that we have an energy field around our body which extends out about
5-6 feet all around us?

Did you know that we can hold onto heavy energy from different experiences and traumas in our lives?

The energy around us is called our biofield or is also known more commonly as our “aura”, holds onto energy of our experiences kind of like trees have rings for every year of their lives.

Our bodies are electric and our biofield is an important factor in how our bodies function optimally. Due to stress, anxiety, injuries, etc., our biofields can become compressed or our fields more dense.

We can also hold onto energy from different experiences and events in our lives (that we are often unaware of). Biofield tuning is a method in which I use tuning forks of different frequencies to help expand your biofield around your body and help to break up stuck and heavy energy in your field.