Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

What is the Safe and Sound Protocol?

The Safe and Sound Protocol is a special music-based program which helps shift your nervous system into the Social engagement system. It assists your nervous system to “learn” how to calm down at a physiological level. This is rewiring the brain and nervous system at the brain level and can be really powerful to shift things in the nervous system. Please see: for more details.

Polyvagal Theory related to Trauma

Dr. Stephen Porges, Neuroscientist, developed the Polyvagal theory in the mid 1990’s as a way to think about the Nervous System and the stress response. Before he developed his theory, much of the understanding was based on the fight or flight response – if we face a threat, we either get ready to fight or we flee the situation. Dr. Porges identified that there is a third response, called the “freeze” response. In order to help ourselves exit the fight or flight or freeze responses in the body, we need to activate our social engagement system. Heidi will further explain how the Autonomic Nervous System and these responses work and how we ca work with your brain and nervous system to help shift things in your system.

Heidi has completed the training in how to conduct the SSP with clients of all ages and is SSP certified. She will conduct a thorough assessment of how your nervous system is functioning and, with this in-depth knowledge, engage you in various treatment approaches with the goal of calming down your nervous system to help it function better, with more regulation. Typically clients will listen to music with Heidi or another person they trust and co-regulate with or sessions can be done over virtually via a secure platform.